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Free Membership Includes 1 TO 1 Surfing Ratio8 Second TimerSurf Ratio Increases300 Monthly Credit Bonus100 Monthly Banner Bonus100 Monthly Text Ad BonusDaily Email BonusesAuto ResponderSocial Profiles1 Click Downline BuilderRotatorAnimated Splash PagesTop 5 AwardsTeam Surfing For CreditsGames/Chat & More

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Clear Choice
Clear Traffic 4 U - Member
1,000 Credits Added To Your Account After Signing Up And Surfing Your First Site!
*The free credit special will end once we hit 1000 members.

Make sure to sign up, add your sites, banners and text ads.
All Members will get this splash page.

Animated Background from Royality Free Artists
Visit: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSwRPvvfHwC2hq1uuJ-3DsQ
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