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Over #SITESTATS_LIVEHITSLIFE# Member Ad Views Since March 1st, 2021
Introducing Quality Website Traffic For Your Online Business
Need Website Traffic?
Do you have an online business and ship your products?
Are you looking to get more eyes on your offer?

Covid has had a huge impact for workers, many are out of work and looking for ways to earn income from home online.
That means there is no better time than now to get attention to your online business.

Sell Your Items?
Many have not used this tool and yet it is very powerful.

If you have your own online store or an affiliate online store?
Create splash pages with your items with a buy button going to your online store or affiliate link and submit into our system to get real human traffic to your offers.

Real Human Views
You can count on your websites being seen by real people. Many of whom may be looking for what you have to offer.

We do not allow Bots or auto surfing.
Only real traffic for our members.

We also provide stats and data so you can see where your sites are being seen, and when.

Security & Safety
No Bots Here!, No Spamming! - Ads are submitted and checked for any issues that may cause problems for our members. We also have a report button that lets members turn in sites that may cause issues.

Also unlike many other traffic generation sites, ours is fully SSL compliant and hosted here in the USA.


Your Time Is Important
We know how important your time is, our self serve system allows you to log into your account at any time and earn credits every 8 seconds. This allows you to earn many views to your website or splash page in a very short amount of time each day.

Become a member today!
What Do Our Members Think?
"I am very grateful to have meet Tim Kepler and Clear Traffic 4 U , mainly because of his vision, passion and dedication to his members and his business. Clear Traffic 4 U delivers again and again, I love the wonderful atmosphere he has created. Also his continued relentless and tireless effort's and energy he puts into his active site. It is filled with great members, games, bonuses, surf tournaments and so much more you will have plenty of fun. What are you waiting for come see what all the action with this site is all about. You'll be glad you did!"
Titus Smith
"Along with just a few others, Tim from Clear Traffic 4 U, is helping to make the 1:1 surf ratio the new standard in the user-generated traffic industry. That's why I am a proud member of his manual TE website. Koen Jacobs, Admin at Winning Ads"
Koen Jacobs
"I found ClearTraffic4U by chance - and now it's where I can be found every day of the week! Fun people and so many different types of ads for all tastes. The surfing competitions are GREAT Tim the admin is just SO friendly and always available in chat while doing stuff behind the scenes. You really MUST join and go into the chat too! You will be hooked in no time!"
Charmaine MacDonald
"The Real traffic exchange is here! An ACTIVE Admin with chat! So join and say hi to Admin Tim Kepler! Get seen by REAL ACTIVE members! Clear Traffic 4 U is unique and displays all site activity stats in detail to all members. -Website, banner and text link advertising -Start pages and featured Ad spotlight -Splash page creator -Down line builder -Down line mailer -Optional Upgrades -Promo codes, games, rewards, VTG, The Food games daily events and a brilliant affiliate program. -PAYS faithfully ON TIME NO EXCUSES! Check out Clear traffic4 u, see it for yourself because you have nothing to lose but traffic, signups, friendships , and cash! Hope to see you in my downline, if you join and are active I will reward you with free credits!"
Habib Madni
"I use traffic exchanges regularly. Again and again I try out new ones for myself. A few days ago I found ClearTraffic4u. I'm happy about that. Surfing here is fun and there are good prizes to be won. Earning a lot of credits is easy. You can even get the upgrade for your account as a daily surfer reward. I've already made friends here and I love chatting with them. Admin Tim is always friendly and helpful. Just great. I highly recommend ClearTraffic4u."
Karola Moos
"Wow what a clean site with classic graphics for Advertising so cool"
Adam klein
"The exchange is quite a surprise. It is both welcoming and challenging at the same time. There is a sense of community here that you won't find anywhere else."
Raul Serrano
"Clear Traffic 4U is a very active site! That's important! You want your ads to be seen! The Social Profile page is perfect. You can interact with other members. You can win credits. It's the best site I've seen!"
Jim Reyna
"Love Clear Traffic 4 U, People are great, Site is simple and easy to use."
Gary Wells
"I really enjoy surfing Clear Traffic 4 U. Our owner Tim Kepler is always on the look out for ways to make the site better and more interesting for the members. We have the greatest team. The members are looking for friendly competition with each other. I am proud to say I am a member of Clear Traffic 4 U."
Sharon Smith
"This is an Awesome T.E. with a Great admin and the best chat online! You would be doing yourself a big favor by checking this site out!"
Michael Scozzari
"I've been here since the beginning and Clear is "home online" for me. Great users from all over the world who are on and off throughout the day and most of them pop into the chat making it a family atmosphere. Tim, the admin, is so friendly and deals with any questions immediately - and even provides coffee! During the time that I've been here I have also received many sign-ups from the Clear users and have joined many opportunities that I found here too. It's well-worth the time spent here daily for sure!!"
mys Diana
Owner Tim Kepler
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